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Welcome to the Nanolino Lab
at the Department of Physics, University of Basel!

Our research interest focuses on the structure of insulating surfaces, molecular layers on insulating surfaces, nanotribology, and instrumental development of force microscopy.

Latest News

Diss:Kurs event participation by Rodrigo Antunes

On 19th November 2020, Rodrigo Antunes participated in the diss:kurs 2020 in which, together with other 6 PhD students and postdocs, he presented his main postdoc topic on “plasma-catalysis for ammonia production” in layman terms. All contributions can be viewed in Diss-kurs Webpage. The videos were recorded at the New Media Centre of the University of Basel.
New PhD student

Paul Hiret started a PhD with us. He will work on "Sheath role in plasma-surface interactions : applications to unipolar arcs, mirrors cleaning and plasma heating".
New Post Doc

Yiming Song, recently graduated from the Tsinghua University Beijing, started a post doc in our group. He will work on the friction properties of 2D materials in UHV conditions.
New article published in JACS
Using STM/AFM with CO tip at LT combined with STS and DFT we studied the formation of porous Nitrogen GNRs formed by an Ullman polymerization on Ag(111).
New group picture
Working on site is more and more possible in the department. Still we do our weekly group meetings via video conference.
New article published in Communications Materials
New results published in Communications Materials. Using atomic force microscopy at Room and Low temperature combined with molecular dynamics, we studied the thermal expansion coefficient of 2D molecular islands based on spoked wheel molecules. We find that the increasing motion, with temperature, of the alkyl chains is responsible of the giant thermal expansion coefficient we measured.
New PhD Student

Jung-Ching Liu sarted a PhD with us. She will work on the "Investigation of atomic and molecular structures on Niobium by scanning probe microscopy".
New article published in Nanoletters
New results published in Nano Letters. Using atomic force microscopy and molecular dynamics, we detected the sequential bending and twisting around C-C single bond of a long polymeric chain when detached from a gold substrate at low temperature.
Best SNI Master Thesis for Sebastian Scherb
Sebastian Scherb, now PhD student with us received the price for the best Master thesis from the SNI. His work was entitled "UHV AFM and STM studies of electrospray deposited graphene-like molecules".
New article published in Nature Materials
Our results on a new quantum-mechanical dissipation mechanism that occurs only at certain voltages on topological insulator surface is published in Nature Materials. At the specific tip-sample voltage and distance, the single electron migrate from the tip through an intermediate image potential state into the material. The mere presence of a single charge carrier in electronic state strongly influences the energy dissipation on topological insulator surface.

Seminars and colloquia

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