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Welcome to the Nanolino Lab
at the Department of Physics, University of Basel!

Our research interest focuses on the structure of insulating surfaces, molecular layers on insulating surfaces, nanotribology, and instrumental development of force microscopy.

Latest News

Nanocar Race : Interview in Le Temps.
The Team leader and the two drivers of the Swiss Nanodragster have been interviewed by the Swiss journal Le Temps for their participation to the Nanocar race.
New project student

Spreiter Mauro (Physic), joined us for his 8 weeks project work. He will work on metallic surface work function determination with KPFM.
New article in ACS Nano

Our article on Morphology change of C60 islands on organic crystal is accepted in ACSNano.
Nanocar Race
Our group is accepted to compete to the the first-ever race of molecule-cars organized by the CEMES Laboratory in Toulouse (NanoCar Race Website ).

See our molecular prototype here and our first test on the race track!

Poster Price

Rémy Pawlak win the second best poster price at the french conference on SPM "forum ŕ microscopie ŕ sonde locale".
New project student !

Philip Gigler joins us for a 10 weeks ProjektArbeit on the Low Temperature STM on : "design of new sensors for high-resolution AFM"
Best Poster Price !
Sara Freund and Marcin Kisiel win the poster price at the WE-Heraeus-Seminar: "Mechanisms of Tribology".

Seminars and colloquia

Thu 29 Sep, 17:15, Lect. Hall 2
"compact objects, their equation of state, related explosions and their nucleosynthesis"
(hosted by Hempel + Thielemann)
Mon 03 Oct, 14:00, Room 2.04
Pramey Upadhyaya, University of California
QC2 Seminar: "Magnon pumping-induced manipulation of electron spins in diamond"
Room 2.04
(Host: Prof. D. Loss / Prof. J. Klinovaja)
Mon 03 Oct, 16:15, Lect. Hall 1
Romain Danneau, Karlsruher Institut für Technologie
"Tailoring supercurrent confinement in bilayer graphene 1D constrictions"
(Host: C. Schoenenberger)  QC2 / QSIT Seminar
Tue 04 Oct, 12:15, Lect. Hall 1
Research Seminar
Prof. Martino Poggio
Vectorial scanning probe microscopy and coherent mechanics with nanowiresProf. Patrick Maletinsky
Quantum sensing of nano magnetic systems - domain-walls, ferromagnetic resonance and antiferromagnets

Stimmen aus der Praxis
Dr. Joël Peguiron, Wissenschaftler, Meyer Burger AG „Prozessentwicklung bei der Waferherstellung mit der Drahtsäge-Technologie“ 05. Oktober 2016

Stimmen aus der Praxis
Susanne Schäfer R&D Gas Flow Sensors, SENSIRION AG „Physiker bei Sensirion: Experten für smarte Sensorlösungen“ 02. November 2016

Stimmen aus der Praxis
Dr. Jörg Lehmann, Wissenschaftler, ABB Schweiz AG „Als Theoretischer Physiker in der Industrie: Von Nanometern zu Kilovolt“ 07. Dezember 2016

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