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Welcome to the Nanolino Lab
at the Department of Physics, University of Basel!

Our research interest focuses on the structure of insulating surfaces, molecular layers on insulating surfaces, nanotribology, and instrumental development of force microscopy.

Latest News

New Masterproject student

Arsalan Saeedi started his masterproject with us. He will work on "ammonia formation in N2/H2-plasma".
New article in Nature Communication
Our work about energy dissipation on single atomic defects on SrTiO3 surface, performed in collaboration with Trieste theory group is published in Nature Communication.
New article in Angewandte Chemie
Our results from the collaboration with the group of Prof. A. Dieter Schlüter is published in Angewandte Chemie.
New Phd student

Kunal Soni started a phd in our group. He will work on Plasma-Thin Films-Surface Science interactions for magnetic nuclear fusion devices.
New Post doc

Guilherme Vilhena joined us for a 2 years post doc. He was arwarded a Marie Curie fellowship. He will work on: "Chemical design of molecular Nanotribology".
New PhD student

Philipp d'Astolfo recently started a PhD in our group. He will work on on-surface polymerization and lifting experiments.
New Master student

Mauro Spreiter joined us for his master project. He will work on ncAFM imaging of organic molecules on surfaces.

Seminars and colloquia

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