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Lucas Moser

Post Doc
Phd and Master in Physics
office 3.01a
tel +41 (0)61 207 3725


Research interests

Plasma cleaning of Molybden Mirrors


Latest Papers (show all)

Investigation and plasma cleaning of first mirrors coated with relevant ITER contaminants: beryllium and tungsten
Lucas Moser, Russell Doerner, Matthew Baldwin, Cristian Lungu, C Poroniscu, Mark Newman, Anna Widdowson, Eduardo Alves, G Pintsuk, Jari Likonen, Antti Hakola, Roland Steiner, Laurent Marot, Ernst Meyer
Nuclear Fusion, 57, (2017), 086019 , pdf.
TCV mirrors cleaned by plasma
L Marot, S Coda, S Kajita, L Moser, R Steiner, E Meyer
Nuclear Materials and Energy, 12, (2017), 205-201, pdf.
Restoring the electrical properties of CVD graphene via physisorption of molecular adsorbates
Kishan Thodkar, Damien Thompson, Felix Lüönd, Lucas Moser, Frédéric Overney, Laurent Marot, Christian Schönenberger, Blaise Jeanneret, Michel Calame
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 9, (29), (2017), 25014-25022, pdf.
Plasma cleaning of ITER edge Thomson scattering mock-up mirror in EAST tokamak
R. Yan, L. Moser, B. Wang, J. Peng, C. Vorpahl, F. Leipold, R. Reichle, R. Ding, J. Chen, L. Mu, R. Steiner, E. Meyer, M. Zhong Zhao, J. Wu, L. Marot
Nuclear Fusion, (2017).