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Thilo Glatzel

Senior Scientist
PhD in Physics
office 3.04
tel +41 (0)61 207 3730 (office)

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Latest Papers (show all)

Transoid-to-Cisoid Conformation Changes of Single Molecules on Surfaces Triggered by Metal Coordination
S. Freund, R. Pawlak, L. Moser, A. Hinaut, R. Steiner, N. Marinakis, E. C. Constable, E. Meyer, C.E. Housecroft, Th. Glatzel
ACS Omega, 3, (10), (2018), 12851-12856, pdf.
A Two Dimensional Polymer Synthesized at the Air/Water Interface
V. Müller, A. Hinaut, M. Moradi, M. Baljozovic, T. Jung, P. Shahgaldian, H. Möhwald, G. Hofer, M. Kröger, B. King, E. Meyer, Th. Glatzel, and A. Dieter Schlüter
Angewandte Chemie, 130, (33), (2018), 10744-10748, pdf.
Recent highlights in nanoscale and mesoscale friction
A. Vanossi,D. Dietzel, A. Schirmeisen,E. Meyer, R. Pawlak,Th. Glatzel, M. Kisiel, S. Kawai, N. Manini
N. Beilstein J. Nanotechnol., 9, (2018), 1995–2014, pdf.
Silicon-Vacancy Centers in Ultra-Thin Nanocrystalline Diamond Film
S. Stehlik, L. Ondic, M. Varga, J. Fait, A. Artemenko, Th. Glatzel, A. Kromka and B. Rezek
Micromachines, 9, (6), (2018), 281, pdf.

Latest Talks (show all)

Electrospray deposition of a Spoked Wheel molecule on bulk insulator surfaces in UHV
S. Scherb , A. Hinaut, A. Narita, K. Mullen, S. Freund, Z. Liu, Th. Glatzel, E. Meyer
DPG-Fruhjahrstagung, 2018-03-15, Berlin, (Germany).
Dye precursor molecules on NiO(001) studied by non-contact atomic force microscopy
Th. Glatzel S. Freund, A. Hinaut, N. Marinakis, E.C. Constable, E. Meyer, C.E. Housecroft, and
20th International Conference on Non-Contact Atomic Force Microscopy (NC-AFM 2017), 2017-09-26, Suzhou, (China), Abstract (PDF).
Adsorption of Porphyrin Based Dye Molecules on Titania
Th. Glatzel , R. Jöhr, A. Hinaut, R. Pawlak, L. Zajac, P. Olszowski, J.S. Prauzner-Bechcicki, B. Such, M. Muntwiler, S.-X. Liu, J.J. Bergkamp, S. Decurtins, M. Szymonski, and E. Meyer
EMRS Fall meeting 2017, 2017-09-18, Warsow, (Poland).
The effect of alkali halides on graphene grown on Cu(111), intercalation and boundary effects
M. Schulzendorf , A. Hinaut, T. Glatzel, S. Kawai, R. Jöhr, R. Pawlak, M. C. Righi, J. Zhang, M. Muntwiler and E. Meyer
SNI annual meeting, 2017-09-07, Lenzerheide, (Switzerland).

Latest Poster (show all)

Conformations and cryo-force spectroscopy of spray-deposited single-strand DNA on gold
J.G. Vilhena, Remy Pawlak, Antoine Hinaut, Tobias Meier, Thilo Glatzel, Alexis Baratoff, Enrico Gnecco, Ruben Perez and Ernst Meyer
Anchoring of a dye precursor on p-type NiO(100) studied by RT nc-AFM
S. Freund, A. Hinaut, E. C. Constable, E. Meyer, C. E. Housecroft and Th. Glatzel
Beilstein Nanotechnology Symposium, 2017-11-21, Potsdam, (Germany).
Anchoring of a dye precursor on p-type NiO(100) studied by RT nc-AFM
S. Freund, A. Hinaut, E. C. Constable, E. Meyer, C. E. Housecroft and Th. Glatzel
QMol 2017, 2017-09-11, Ascona, (Switzerland), Abstract (PDF).
Atomic scale defects on KBr(001) created by low temperature plasma and investigated by ncAFM
A. HinautHinaut Antoine, Eren Baran, Freund Sara, Jöhr Res, Roland, Glatzel Thilo, Marot Laurent, Kawai Shigeki, Meyer Ernst
SaoG, 2017-01-27, Fribourg, (Switzerland).