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PHD in experimental Physics
Master in Nanosciences
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Research interests

Dye sensitized solar cells.


Latest Papers (show all)

Electrospray deposition of structurally complex molecules revealed by atomic force microscopy
A.Hinaut, T. Meier, R. Pawlak, S. Feund, R. Jöhr, S. Kawai, T. Glatzel, S. Decurtins, K. Müllen, A. Narita, S.-X. Liu, E. Meyer
Nanoscale, 10, (3), (2018), 1337-1344, pdf.
Ordering of Zn-centered porphyrin and phthalocyanine on TiO2 (011): STM studies
P. Olszowski, L. Zajac, S. Godlewski, B. Such, R. Pawlak, A. Hinaut, R. Johr, T. Glatzel, E. Meyer, M. Szymonski
Beilstein J. of Nanotechnol., 8, (2017), 99, pdf.
Nanostructuring of an alkali halide surface by low temperature plasma exposure
A. Hinaut, B. Eren, R. Steiner, S. Freund, R. Jöhr, Th. Glatzel, L. Marot, E. Meyer and S. Kawai
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 19, (24), (2017), 16251-16256, pdf.
Thermally induced anchoring of a zinc-carboxyphenylporphyrin on rutile TiO2 (110)
R. Jôhr, A. Hinaut, R. Pawlak, L. Zajac, P. Olszowski, B. Such, Th. Glatzel, J. Zhang, M. Muntwiler, J. J. Bergkamp, L.-M. Mateo, S. Decurtins, S.-X. Liu, and E. Meyer
The Journal of Chemical Physics, 146, (18), (2017), 184704, pdf.

Latest Talks (show all)

Adsorption of Porphyrin Based Dye Molecules on Titania
Th. Glatzel , R. Jöhr, A. Hinaut, R. Pawlak, L. Zajac, P. Olszowski, J.S. Prauzner-Bechcicki, B. Such, M. Muntwiler, S.-X. Liu, J.J. Bergkamp, S. Decurtins, M. Szymonski, and E. Meyer
EMRS Fall meeting 2017, 2017-09-18, Warsow, (Poland).
The effect of alkali halides on graphene grown on Cu(111), intercalation and boundary effects
M. Schulzendorf , A. Hinaut, T. Glatzel, S. Kawai, R. Jöhr, R. Pawlak, M. C. Righi, J. Zhang, M. Muntwiler and E. Meyer
SNI annual meeting, 2017-09-07, Lenzerheide, (Switzerland).
Decoupling of graphene by KBr intercalation on Cu(111)
M. Schulzendorf , A. Hinaut, Th. Glatzel, S. Kawai, R. Jöhr, R. Pawlak, J. Zhang, M. Muntwiler and E. Meyer
Nano in the Snow 2017, 2017-01-25, Schwarzsee, (Switzerland).
Porphyrins on Titania
Th. Glatzel , R. Jöhr, A. Hinaut, R. Pawlak, A. Sadeghi, S. Goedecker, S. Decurtins, and E. Meyer
The 2 nd International Symposium on Recent Trends in Analysis Techniques for Functional Materials and Devices, 2017-01-18, Osaka, (Japan), Abstract (PDF).

Latest Poster (show all)

Atomic scale defects on KBr(001) created by low temperature plasma and investigated by ncAFM
A. HinautHinaut Antoine, Eren Baran, Freund Sara, Jöhr Res, Roland, Glatzel Thilo, Marot Laurent, Kawai Shigeki, Meyer Ernst
SaoG, 2017-01-27, Fribourg, (Switzerland).
Changing the electronic properties of graphene by alkali halides on Cu(111)
M. Schulzendorf, A. Hinaut, Th. Glatzel, S Kawai , R Jöhr, J. Zhang, M. Muntwiler, E. Meyer
SNI annual meeting 2015, 2015-09-03, Lenzerheide, (Switzerland), Abstract (PDF).