Basel Universität

Akshata Rao

PhD student
MSc. in Physics
office 3.02
tel +41 (0)61 267 3727


Research interests



E. Gnecco, A. Rao, K. Mougin, G. Chandrasekar, and E. Meyer 
Controlled manipulation of rigid nanorods by atomic force microscopy  
Nanotechnology, 21, (2010), 215702, pdf.
A. Rao, M.L. Wille, E. Gnecco, K. Mougin, and E. Meyer 
Trajectory fluctuations accompanying the manipulation of spherical nanoparticles 
Phys. Rev. B, 80, (2009), 193405, pdf.
A. Rao, E. Gnecco, D. Marchetto, K. Mougin, M. Schönenberger, S. Valeri and E. Meyer 
The analytical relations between particles and probe trajectories in atomic force microscope nanomanipulation 
Nanotechnology, 20, (2009), 115706, pdf.
K. Mougin, E. Gnecco, A. Rao, M. T. Cuberes, S. Jayaraman, E. W. McFarland, H. Haidara, and E. Meyer 
Manipulation of Gold Nanoparticles: Influence of Surface Chemistry, Temperature, and Environment (Vacuum versus Ambient Atmosphere) 
Langmuir, 24, (4), (2008), 1577-1581, pdf.
A. Rao, M. Schoenenberger, E. Gnecco, Th. Glatzel, E. Meyer, D. Brändlin and L. Scandella 
Characterization of nanoparticles using Atomic Force Microscopy 
J. Phys.: Conf. Series, 61, (2007), 971–976, pdf.