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Rémy Pawlak

PhD in Physics
office 3.01a
tel +41 (0)61 207 3725
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Research interests

Low Temperature, STM, nc-AFM, Majorana Fermions,...



Latest Papers (show all)

Sequential Bending and Twisting around C-C Single Bonds by Mechanical Lifting of a Pre-Adsorbed Polymer
R. Pawlak, J.G. Vilhena, P. D’Astolfo, X. Liu, G. Prampolini, T. Meier, T. Glatzel, J.A. Lemkul, R. Haner, S. Decurtins, A. Baratoff, R. Perez, S.-X. Liu, E. Meyer
Nano Lett. , (2019), pdf.
Controlled switching of a single CuPc molecule on Cu(111) at low temperature
S. Fremy-Koch, A. Sadeghi, R. Pawlak, S. Kawai, A. Baratoff, S. Goedecker, E. Meyer, and Th. Glatzel
Phys. Rev. B, 100, (2019), 155427, pdf.
Stretching DNA using cryo-force spectroscopy
R. Pawlak, J.G. Vilhena, T. Glatzel, E. Meyer
Imaging & Microscopy, 2, (2019), 32-34, pdf.
Majorana Fermions in Magnetic Chains
R. Pawlak, S. Hoffmann, J. Klinovaja, D. Loss, E. Meyer
Prog. Part. and Nucl. Phys., (107), (2019), 1-19, pdf.

Latest Talks (show all)

Dye Molecules Studied by Scanning Probe Microscopy
Th. Glatzel R. Jöhr, S. Freund, T. Meier, A. Hinaut, R. Pawlak, A. Sadeghi, S. Goedecker, S. Decurtins, S.-X. Liu, E. Constable, C. Housecroft, E. Meyer, and
ICMAB – Seminar, 2019-09-20, Barcelona, (Spain).
Decoupling of graphene by KBr intercalation on Cu(111)
Th. Glatzel M. Schulzendorf, A. Hinaut, M. Kisiel, R. Jöhr, R. Pawlak, P. Restuccia, E. Meyer, M.C. Righi, and
22nd International Conference on Non-contact Atomic Force Microscopy, 2019-07-30, Regensburg, (Germany), Abstract (PDF).
Force Spectroscopy of a Donor-Acceptor Molecule under Illumination
Th. Glatzel , T. Meier, R. Pawlak, A. Baratoff, Y. Geng, X. Liu, S. Decurtins, S.-X. Liu, and E. Meyer
The 29th International Conference on Photochemistry, 2019-07-16, Boulder, Colorado, (United States), Abstract (PDF).
Large thermal expansion of a 2D supra-molecular network in UHV
S. Scherb , A. Hinaut, J.G. Vilhena, R. Pawlak, K. Müllen, Th. Glatzel, A. Narita, and E. Meyer
ISPM, 2019-05-29, Louvain-la-Neuve, (Belgium), Abstract (PDF).

Latest Poster (show all)

Two-dimensional supramolecular networks formed by intermolecular interdigitation
S. Scherb, A. Hinaut, R. Pawlak, J.G. Vilhena, Y. Liu, S. Freund, Z. Liu, X. Feng, K. Müllen, Th. Glatzel, A. Narita, and E. Meyer
Symposium Chirality @ The Nanoscale , 2019-10-14, Ascona, (Switzerland), Abstract (PDF).
Large thermal expansion of a 2D supramolecular assembly
S. Scherb, A. Hinaut, J.G. Vilhena, R. Pawlak, Y. Liu, K. Müllen, Th. Glatzel, A. Narita, and E. Meyer
ncAFM 2019, 2019-07-30, Regensburg, (Germany), Abstract (PDF).
Adsorption of atomic Fe-clusters on superconducting Pb
C. Drechsel, R. Pawlak, P. D’Astolfo, and E. Meyer
Swiss NanoConvention 2019, 2019-06-06, Lausanne, (Switzerland), Abstract (PDF).
Majorana bound states in monoatomic Fe-nanowires on superconducting Pb
C. Drechsel, R. Pawlak, M. Kisiel, J. Klinowaja, T. Meier, S. Kawai, Th. Glatzel, D. Loss, and E. Meyer
ÖPG 2018, 2018-09-11, Graz, (Austria), Abstract (PDF).