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Publications related to this instrument:

Altering the Properties of Graphene on Cu(111) by Intercalation of Potassium Bromide
M. Schulzendorf, A. Hinaut, M. Kisiel, R. Jöhr, R. Pawlak, P. Restuccia, E. Meyer, M. Clelia Righi, Th. Glatzel
ACS Nano, (DOI: 10.1021/acsnano), (2019), pdf.
Valence band behaviour of zirconium oxide, Photoelectron and Auger spectroscopy study
Z. Azdad, L. Marot, L. Moser, R. Steiner, E. Meyer
Scientific reports, 8, (1), (2018), 16251, pdf.
Decoupling of graphene by KBr intercalation on Cu(111)
M. Schulzendorf , A. Hinaut, Th. Glatzel, S. Kawai, R. Jöhr, R. Pawlak, J. Zhang, M. Muntwiler and E. Meyer
Nano in the Snow 2017, 2017-01-25, Schwarzsee, (Switzerland).
Thermally induced anchoring of a zinc-carboxyphenylporphyrin on rutile TiO2 (110)
R. Jôhr, A. Hinaut, R. Pawlak, L. Zajac, P. Olszowski, B. Such, Th. Glatzel, J. Zhang, M. Muntwiler, J. J. Bergkamp, L.-M. Mateo, S. Decurtins, S.-X. Liu, and E. Meyer
The Journal of Chemical Physics, 146, (18), (2017), 184704, pdf.
Decoupling of graphene by KBr intercalation on Cu(111)
M. Schulzendorf , A. Hinaut, Th. Glatzel, R. Pawlak, S. Kawai, J. Zhang, M. Muntwiler, E. Meyer
SNI annual meeting 2016, 2016-09-15, Lenzerheide, (Switzerland).
Decoupling of graphene by KBr intercalation on Cu(111)
M. Schulzendorf , A. Hinaut, Th. Glatzel, R. Pawlak, S. Kawai, J. Zhang, M. Muntwiler, E. Meyer
Swiss Nano Convention 2016, 2016-06-30, Basel, (Switzerland).
Decoupling of graphene by KBr intercalation on Cu(111)
M. Schulzendorf , A. Hinaut, Th. Glatzel, R. Pawlak, S. Kawai, J. Zhang, M. Muntwiler, E. Meyer
Nano in the Snow 2016, 2016-01-27, Zinal, (Switzerland).
ITER first mirror mock-ups exposed in Magnum-PSI
L. Marot, G. De Temmerman, M.A. van den Berg, P.-O. Renault, G. Covarel, M. Joanny, J.M. Travère, R. Steiner, D. Mathys and E. Meyer
Nuclear Fusion, 56, (2016), 066015, pdf.
Understanding the formation of aligned, linear arrays of Ag nanoparticles
RM. Walliser, R. Tóth, I. Lagzi, D. Mathys, L. Marot, A. Braun, CE. Housecroft, EC. Constable
RSC Adv, 6, (2016), 28388, pdf.
Cleaning of first mirrors in ITER by means of radio frequency discharges
F. Leipold, R. Reichle, C. Vorpahl, E. E. Mukhin, A. M. Dmitriev, A. G. Razdobarin, D. S. Samsonov, L. Marot , L. Moser, R. Steiner, E. Meyer
Review of Scientific Instruments, 87, (2016), 11D439, pdf.
ITER perspective on fusion reactor diagnostics - A spectroscopic view
M.F.M. De Bock, R. Barnsley, M. Bassan, L. Bertalot, B. Brichard, I.M. Bukreev, J.M. Drevon, F. Le Guern, R. Hutton, M. Ivantsivskiy, H.G. Lee, F. Leipold, P. Maquet, L. Marot, V. Martin, P. Mertens, A. Mokeev, L. Moser, E.E. Mukhin, S. Pak, A.G. Razdobarin, R. Reichle, C.R. Seon, F. Seyvet, S. Simrock, V. Udintsev, G. Vayakis and C. Vorpahl
Journal of Instrumentation , (11.08 ), (2016), P08010, pdf.
Changing the electronic properties of graphene by alkali halides on Cu(111)
M. Schulzendorf, A. Hinaut, Th. Glatzel, S Kawai , R Jöhr, J. Zhang, M. Muntwiler, E. Meyer
SNI annual meeting 2015, 2015-09-03, Lenzerheide, (Switzerland), Abstract (PDF).
Towards plasma cleaning of ITER first mirrors
L. Moser, L. Marot, B. Eren, R. Steiner, D. Mathys, F. Leipold, R. Reichle, E. Meyer
Nuclear Fusion, 55, (2015), 063020, pdf.
Surface Modifications Induced by High Fluxes of Low Energy Helium Ions
Ä°. Tanyeli, L. Marot, D. Mathys, MCM. van de Sanden, G. De Temmerman
Scientific reports, 5, (2015), 9779, pdf.
Plasma cleaning of ITER First Mirrors in magnetic field
L. Moser, R. Steiner, F. Leipold, R. Reichle, L. Marot, E. Meyer
Journal of Nuclear Materials, (2015), pdf.
Nanostructuring of Iron Surfaces by Low-Energy Helium Ions
I. Tanyeli, L. Marot, M.C.M. van de Sanden, G. De Temmerman
ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces, 6, (2014), 3462−3468, pdf.
Pico- and nanosecond laser ablation of mixed tungsten / aluminium films
M. Wisse, L. Marot, R. Steiner, D. Mathys, A. Stumpp, M. Joanny, J. M. Travere, E. Meyer
Fusion Science and Technology, (2014), pdf.
An overview of the comprehensive First Mirror Test in JET with ITER-like wall
D. Ivanova, M. Rubel, A. Widdowson, P. Petersson, J. Likonen, L. Marot, E. Alves, A. Garcia-Carrasco, G. Pintsuk and JET-EFDA Contributors
Physica Scripta, T159, (2014), 014011, pdf.
Morphological changes of tungsten surfaces by low-flux helium plasma treatment and helium incorporation via magnetron sputtering.
S. Iyyakkunnel, L. Marot, B. Eren, R. Steiner, L. Moser, D. Mathys, M. Dueggelin, P. Chapon, E. Meyer
ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces, (2014), pdf.
Deuterium plasma exposure of rhodium films: Role of morphology and crystal structure
A. Uccello, B. Eren, L. Marot, D. Dellasega, A. Maffini, R. Steiner, D. Mathys, E. Meyer, M. Passoni
Journal of Nuclear Materials, 446, (2014), 106–112, pdf.
Laser-assisted cleaning of beryllium-containing mirror samples from JET and PISCES-B
M. Wisse, L. Marot, A. Widdowson, M. Rubel, D. Ivanova, P. Petersson, R.P. Doerner, M.J. Baldwin, J. Likonen, E. Alves, A. Hakola, S. Koivuranta, R. Steiner, E. Meyer
Fusion Engineering and Design, 89, (2014), 122–130, pdf.
Performances of Rh and Mo mirrors under JET exposure
L. Marot, E. Meyer, M. Rubel, D. Ivanova, A. Widdowson, J.P. Coad, J. Likonen, A. Hakola, S. Koivuranta, G. De Temmerman, JET-EFDA Contributors
J. Nucl. Mater., 438, (2013), S1187–S1191, pdf.
Assessment of cleaning methods for first mirrors tested in JET for ITER
D. Ivanova, A. Widdowson, J. Likonen, L. Marot, S. Koivuranta, J.P. Coad, M. Rubel, P. Petersson, G. De Temmerman, JET-EFDA Contributors
J. Nucl. Mater, 438, (2013), S1241–S1244, pdf.
Laser damage thresholds of ITER mirror materials and first results on in situ laser cleaning of stainless steel mirrors
M. Wisse, L. Marot, B. Eren, R. Steiner, D. Mathys, E. Meyer
Fusion Eng. Des., 88, (2013), 388-99, pdf.
Helium effects on tungsten under fusion-relevant plasma loading conditions
G. De Temmerman, K. Bystrov, R.P. Doerner, L. Marot, G.M. Wright, K.B. Woller, D.G. Whyte, J.J. Zielinski
J. Nucl. Mater., 438, (2013), S78–S83, pdf.
Can aluminium or magnesium be a surrogate for beryllium: A critical investigation of their chemistry
L. Marot, C. Linsmeier, B. Eren, L. Moser, R. Steiner, E. Meyer
Fusion Eng. Des., 88, (2013), 1718–21, pdf.
Reduced damage threshold for tungsten using combined steady state and transient sources
T.W. Morgan, J.J. Zielinski, B.J. Hensen, H.Y. Xu, L. Marot, G. De Temmerman
J. Nucl. Mater., 438, (2013), S784–S787, pdf.
The ITER VIS/IR Wide Angle Viewing System: Challenges and On-going R&D
J.M. Travere, M.H. Aumeunier, M. Joanny, M. Jouve, V. Martin, V. Moncada, S. Salasca, L. Marot, D. Chabaud, J.J. Fermé, F. Brémond, M. Thonnat
Advancements in Nuclear Instrumentation Measurement Methods , (2012), pdf.
The ITER Thomson scattering core LIDAR diagnostic
G.A. Naylor, R. Scannell, M. Beurskens, M.J. Walsh, I. Pastor, A.J.H. Donné, B. Snijders, W. Biel, B. Meszaros, L. Giudicotti, R. Pasqualotto and L. Marot
Journal of Instrumentation, 7, (2012), C03043, pdf.
Thermo-mechanical analysis of ITER first mirrors and its use for the ITER equatorial visible/infrared wide angle viewing system optical design
M. Joanny, S. Salasca, M. Dapena, B. Cantone, J. M. Travère, C. Thellier, J. J. Fermé, L. Marot, O. Buravand, G. Perrollaz, and C. Zeile
Rev Sci Instrum, 83, (2012), 10E506, pdf.
Overview of the Second Stage in the Comprehensive Mirrors test in Jet
M. Rubel, D. Ivanova, J.P. Coad, G. De Temmerman, J. Likonen, L. Marot, A. Schmidt, A. Widdowson
Physica Scripta, T145, (2011), 014070, pdf.
Characterization of hydrocarbon and mixed layers in TEXTOR by laser induced ablation spectroscopy
N. Gierse,, S Brezinsek, T. F. Giesen, A. Huber, M. Laengner, R. Leyte-Gonzales, L. Marot, E. Meyer, S. Möller, M. Naiim-Habib, V. Philipps, A. Pospieszczyk, B. Schweer, G. Sergienko, M. Zlobinski, U. Samm and the TEXTOR team
Phys. Scr., T145, (2011),  014026, pdf.