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Plasma and Sputter Deposition


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Publications related to this instrument:

Nanostructuring of an alkali halide surface by low temperature plasma exposure
A. Hinaut, B. Eren, R. Steiner, S. Freund, R. Jöhr, Th. Glatzel, L. Marot, E. Meyer and S. Kawai
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 19, (24), (2017), 16251-16256, pdf.
In situ cleaning of diagnostic first mirrors: an experimental comparison between plasma and laser cleaning in ITER-relevant conditions
A Maffini, L Moser, L Marot, R Steiner, D Dellasega, A Uccello, E Meyer, M Passoni
Nuclear Fusion, 57, (4), (2017), 046014, pdf.
Anisotropic etching of graphite and graphene in a remote hydrogen plasma
Dorothee Hug, Simon Zihlmann, Mirko K Rehmann, Yemliha B Kalyoncu, Timothy N Camenzind, Laurent Marot, Kenji Watanabe, Takashi Taniguchi, Dominik M Zumbühl
Npj 2d Materials and Applications, 1, (2017), pdf.
Surface chemistry of rare-earth oxide surfaces at ambient conditions: reactions with water and hydrocarbons
Elcin Kuelah, Laurent Marot, Roland Steiner, Andriy Romanyuk, Thomas A Jung, Aneliia Waeckerlin, Ernst Meyer
Scientific Reports, 7, (2017), 43369, pdf.
ITER perspective on fusion reactor diagnostics - A spectroscopic view
M.F.M. De Bock, R. Barnsley, M. Bassan, L. Bertalot, B. Brichard, I.M. Bukreev, J.M. Drevon, F. Le Guern, R. Hutton, M. Ivantsivskiy, H.G. Lee, F. Leipold, P. Maquet, L. Marot, V. Martin, P. Mertens, A. Mokeev, L. Moser, E.E. Mukhin, S. Pak, A.G. Razdobarin, R. Reichle, C.R. Seon, F. Seyvet, S. Simrock, V. Udintsev, G. Vayakis and C. Vorpahl
Journal of Instrumentation , (11.08 ), (2016), P08010, pdf.
Plasma cleaning of beryllium coated mirrors
L. Moser, L. Marot, R. Steiner, M. Newman, A. Widdowsonr2, D. Ivanova, J. Likonen, P. Petersson, G. Pintsuk, M. Rubel, E. Meyer and JET Contributors
Physica Scripta, T167, (2016), 014069, pdf.
Cleaning of first mirrors in ITER by means of radio frequency discharges
F. Leipold, R. Reichle, C. Vorpahl, E. E. Mukhin, A. M. Dmitriev, A. G. Razdobarin, D. S. Samsonov, L. Marot , L. Moser, R. Steiner, E. Meyer
Review of Scientific Instruments, 87, (2016), 11D439, pdf.
ITER first mirror mock-ups exposed in Magnum-PSI
L. Marot, G. De Temmerman, M.A. van den Berg, P.-O. Renault, G. Covarel, M. Joanny, J.M. Travère, R. Steiner, D. Mathys and E. Meyer
Nuclear Fusion, 56, (2016), 066015, pdf.
Towards plasma cleaning of ITER first mirrors
L. Moser, L. Marot, B. Eren, R. Steiner, D. Mathys, F. Leipold, R. Reichle, E. Meyer
Nuclear Fusion, 55, (2015), 063020, pdf.
Plasma cleaning of ITER First Mirrors in magnetic field
L. Moser, R. Steiner, F. Leipold, R. Reichle, L. Marot, E. Meyer
Journal of Nuclear Materials, (2015), pdf.
Surface Modifications Induced by High Fluxes of Low Energy Helium Ions
Ä°. Tanyeli, L. Marot, D. Mathys, MCM. van de Sanden, G. De Temmerman
Scientific reports, 5, (2015), 9779, pdf.
An overview of the comprehensive First Mirror Test in JET with ITER-like wall
D. Ivanova, M. Rubel, A. Widdowson, P. Petersson, J. Likonen, L. Marot, E. Alves, A. Garcia-Carrasco, G. Pintsuk and JET-EFDA Contributors
Physica Scripta, T159, (2014), 014011, pdf.
Hydrogen-induced buckling of gold films
B. Eren, L. Marot, G. Guenzburger, P-O. Renault, T. Glatzel, R. Steiner, E. Meyer
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, 47, (2014), 025302, pdf.
Deuterium plasma exposure of rhodium films: Role of morphology and crystal structure
A. Uccello, B. Eren, L. Marot, D. Dellasega, A. Maffini, R. Steiner, D. Mathys, E. Meyer, M. Passoni
Journal of Nuclear Materials, 446, (2014), 106–112, pdf.
Laser-assisted cleaning of beryllium-containing mirror samples from JET and PISCES-B
M. Wisse, L. Marot, A. Widdowson, M. Rubel, D. Ivanova, P. Petersson, R.P. Doerner, M.J. Baldwin, J. Likonen, E. Alves, A. Hakola, S. Koivuranta, R. Steiner, E. Meyer
Fusion Engineering and Design, 89, (2014), 122–130, pdf.
Morphological changes of tungsten surfaces by low-flux helium plasma treatment and helium incorporation via magnetron sputtering.
S. Iyyakkunnel, L. Marot, B. Eren, R. Steiner, L. Moser, D. Mathys, M. Dueggelin, P. Chapon, E. Meyer
ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces, (2014), pdf.
Nanostructuring of Iron Surfaces by Low-Energy Helium Ions
I. Tanyeli, L. Marot, M.C.M. van de Sanden, G. De Temmerman
ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces, 6, (2014), 3462−3468, pdf.
Pico- and nanosecond laser ablation of mixed tungsten / aluminium films
M. Wisse, L. Marot, R. Steiner, D. Mathys, A. Stumpp, M. Joanny, J. M. Travere, E. Meyer
Fusion Science and Technology, (2014), pdf.
Helium effects on tungsten under fusion-relevant plasma loading conditions
G. De Temmerman, K. Bystrov, R.P. Doerner, L. Marot, G.M. Wright, K.B. Woller, D.G. Whyte, J.J. Zielinski
J. Nucl. Mater., 438, (2013), S78–S83, pdf.
Can aluminium or magnesium be a surrogate for beryllium: A critical investigation of their chemistry
L. Marot, C. Linsmeier, B. Eren, L. Moser, R. Steiner, E. Meyer
Fusion Eng. Des., 88, (2013), 1718–21, pdf.
Synergistic effects of hydrogen plasma exposure, pulsed laser heating and temperature on rhodium surfaces
L. Marot, G. De Temmerman, R.P. Doerner, K. Umstadter, R.S. Wagner, D. Mathys, M. Duggelin, E. Meyer
Journal of Nuclear Materials, 432, (2013), 388, pdf.
Reduced damage threshold for tungsten using combined steady state and transient sources
T.W. Morgan, J.J. Zielinski, B.J. Hensen, H.Y. Xu, L. Marot, G. De Temmerman
J. Nucl. Mater., 438, (2013), S784–S787, pdf.
Performances of Rh and Mo mirrors under JET exposure
L. Marot, E. Meyer, M. Rubel, D. Ivanova, A. Widdowson, J.P. Coad, J. Likonen, A. Hakola, S. Koivuranta, G. De Temmerman, JET-EFDA Contributors
J. Nucl. Mater., 438, (2013), S1187–S1191, pdf.
Hydrogen plasma microlithography of graphene supported on a Si/SiO2 substrate
B. Eren, Th. Glatzel, M. Kisiel, W. Fu, R. Pawlak, U. Gysin, C. Nef, L. Marot, M. Calame, Ch. Schönenberger, E. Meyer
Appl. Phys. Lett., 102, (2013), 071602, pdf.
Assessment of cleaning methods for first mirrors tested in JET for ITER
D. Ivanova, A. Widdowson, J. Likonen, L. Marot, S. Koivuranta, J.P. Coad, M. Rubel, P. Petersson, G. De Temmerman, JET-EFDA Contributors
J. Nucl. Mater, 438, (2013), S1241–S1244, pdf.
Laser damage thresholds of ITER mirror materials and first results on in situ laser cleaning of stainless steel mirrors
M. Wisse, L. Marot, B. Eren, R. Steiner, D. Mathys, E. Meyer
Fusion Eng. Des., 88, (2013), 388-99, pdf.
Spectroscopic reflectometry of mirror surfaces during plasma exposure
M. Wisse, B. Eren, L. Marot, R. Steiner, E. Meyer
Rev Sci Instrum., 83, (2012), 013509, pdf.
Thermo-mechanical analysis of ITER first mirrors and its use for the ITER equatorial visible/infrared wide angle viewing system optical design
M. Joanny, S. Salasca, M. Dapena, B. Cantone, J. M. Travère, C. Thellier, J. J. Fermé, L. Marot, O. Buravand, G. Perrollaz, and C. Zeile
Rev Sci Instrum, 83, (2012), 10E506, pdf.
The ITER VIS/IR Wide Angle Viewing System: Challenges and On-going R&D
J.M. Travere, M.H. Aumeunier, M. Joanny, M. Jouve, V. Martin, V. Moncada, S. Salasca, L. Marot, D. Chabaud, J.J. Fermé, F. Brémond, M. Thonnat
Advancements in Nuclear Instrumentation Measurement Methods , (2012), pdf.
The ITER Thomson scattering core LIDAR diagnostic
G.A. Naylor, R. Scannell, M. Beurskens, M.J. Walsh, I. Pastor, A.J.H. Donné, B. Snijders, W. Biel, B. Meszaros, L. Giudicotti, R. Pasqualotto and L. Marot
Journal of Instrumentation, 7, (2012), C03043, pdf.
Overview of the Second Stage in the Comprehensive Mirrors test in Jet
M. Rubel, D. Ivanova, J.P. Coad, G. De Temmerman, J. Likonen, L. Marot, A. Schmidt, A. Widdowson
Physica Scripta, T145, (2011), 014070, pdf.
Characterization of hydrocarbon and mixed layers in TEXTOR by laser induced ablation spectroscopy
N. Gierse,, S Brezinsek, T. F. Giesen, A. Huber, M. Laengner, R. Leyte-Gonzales, L. Marot, E. Meyer, S. Möller, M. Naiim-Habib, V. Philipps, A. Pospieszczyk, B. Schweer, G. Sergienko, M. Zlobinski, U. Samm and the TEXTOR team
Phys. Scr., T145, (2011),  014026, pdf.