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Welcome to the Nanolino Lab
at the Department of Physics, University of Basel!

Our research interest focuses on the structure of insulating surfaces, molecular layers on surfaces, nanotribology, and instrumental development of force microscopy.

Latest News

Death of Urs GYsin

We are sad to announce the passing of
Dr. phil. nat. Urs Gysin
12.02.1970 – 19.5.2023

He was permanent researcher in our group and realized wonderful scanning probe microscopes, such as the pendulum AFM and the large area ultrahigh vacuum force microscope.
He was very active in the advanced lab courses and many students enjoyed to perform experiments with him as a tutor.
His death leaves a large gap and it is hard to imagine a world without him.

Our thoughts are with him and his family

Ernst Meyer
In the name of the Nanolino group
New Post Doc in our group

Welcome to Artem Dmitriev who joined us for a post doc. He will work on mirror cleaning and plasma parameters measurements.
Congratulation to Sebastian Scherb

July 1st 2022, Sebastian Scherb successfully defended his PhD thesis "scanning probe microscopy studies of functional molecular structures prepared via electrospray deposition".
New PhD student

Gema Navarro recently started her PhD with us. She will work on the electrospray deposition of large molecules in UHV and investigate their assemblies by SPM techniques.
New PhD student

Akash Gupta started his PhD with us. He will work on characterization of Si-Ge nanowires and fin FET transistors by pendulum Atomic Force Microscopy.
New PhD student

Shuyu Huang started her PhD with us. She will work on nanotribology properties of 2D materials.
New PhD student

Outhmane Chahib started his PhD with us. He will work on 2D materials investigation by LT-STM/AFM.
New Post doc started with us last week

Chao Li joined us last week. He will work on molecules with spin on superconductors materials.
Congratulations to Carl Drechsel
June 28th, 2021, Carl Drechsel succesfully defended his PhD thesis "Atomic and Molecular Adsorption on Superconducting Pb as Basis for the Realization of Qubits"

New Publications in Beilstein Journal of Nanoscience
The article "Influence of electrospray deposition on C60 molecular assemblies" by Antoine Hinaut et al was published in
Beilstein J. Nanotechnol. 2021, 12, 552–558.

Seminars and colloquia

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