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Donor--Acceptor Properties of a Single-Molecule Altered by On-Surface Complex Formation
T. Meier, R. Pawlak, S. Kawai, Y. Geng, X. Liu, S. Decurtins, P. Hapala, A. Baratoff, S.-X. Liu, P. Jelinek, E. Meyer and Th. Glatzel
ACS Nano, (2017), pdf.
Nanostructuring of an alkali halide surface by low temperature plasma exposure
A. Hinaut, B. Eren, R. Steiner, S. Freund, R. Jöhr, Th. Glatzel, L. Marot, E. Meyer and S. Kawai
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, (2017), pdf.
Surface chemistry of rare-earth oxide surfaces at ambient conditions: reactions with water and hydrocarbons
Elcin Kuelah, Laurent Marot, Roland Steiner, Andriy Romanyuk, Thomas A Jung, Aneliia Waeckerlin, Ernst Meyer
Scientific Reports, 7, (2017), 43369, pdf.
In situ cleaning of diagnostic first mirrors: an experimental comparison between plasma and laser cleaning in ITER-relevant conditions
A Maffini, L Moser, L Marot, R Steiner, D Dellasega, A Uccello, E Meyer, M Passoni
Nuclear Fusion, 57, (4), (2017), 046014, pdf.

Latest Talks (show all)

The effect of alkali halides on graphene grown on Cu(111), intercalation and boundary effects
M. Schulzendorf , A. Hinaut, T. Glatzel, S. Kawai, R. Jöhr, R. Pawlak, M. C. Righi, J. Zhang, M. Muntwiler and E. Meyer
SNI annual meeting, 2017-09-07, Lenzerheide, (Switzerland).
Decoupling of graphene by KBr intercalation on Cu(111)
M. Schulzendorf , A. Hinaut, Th. Glatzel, S. Kawai, R. Jöhr, R. Pawlak, J. Zhang, M. Muntwiler and E. Meyer
Nano in the Snow 2017, 2017-01-25, Schwarzsee, (Switzerland).
Porphyrins on Titania
Th. Glatzel
Research Seminar, IPCMS-CNRS, Université de Strasbourg, 2017-05-10, Strasbourg, (France).
Atomic scale defects on KBr(001) created by low temperature plasma and investigated by ncAFM
A. Hinaut , B. Eren, S. Freund, R. Joehr, R. Steiner, Th. Glatzel, L. Marot, E. Meyer, S. Kawai
SAOG, 2017-01-27, Fribourg, (Switzerland).

Latest Posters (show all)

Anchoring of a dye precursor on p-type NiO(100) studied by RT nc-AFM
S. Freund, A. Hinaut, E. C. Constable, E. Meyer, C. E. Houscroft et Th. Glatzel
SAOG, 2017-01-27, Fribourg, (Switzerland).
ncAFM imaging at room temperature of electrosprayed molecules on insulating surfaces
A. Hinaut, R. Pawlak, Th. Glatzel and E. Meyer
Swiss Nanoconvention, 2016-06-29, Basel, (Switzerland).
Evaluating Young's modulus of ceramic coatings on tube materials by relative split ring method
Z. Liu and Y. W. Bao
SAOG, 2017-01-27, Fribourg, (Switzerland).
Decoupling of graphene by KBr intercalation on Cu(111)
M. Schulzendorf , A. Hinaut, Th. Glatzel, R. Pawlak, S. Kawai, J. Zhang, M. Muntwiler, E. Meyer
Nano in the Snow 2016, 2016-01-27, Zinal, (Switzerland).

Latest Theses/Reports (show all)

UHV-AFM measurments of C60 molecules on organic layer materials
S. Freund, (2014), Abstract (PDF).