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Plasma-activated catalytic formation of ammonia from N2-H2: influence of temperature and noble gas addition
M. Ben Yaala, D.-F. Scherrer, A. Saeedi, L. Moser, K. Soni, R. Steiner, G. De Temmerman, M. Oberkofler, L. Marot, E. Meyer
Nucl. Fusion, 60, (2020), 016026, pdf.
Diagnostic mirrors for ITER: research in the frame of International Tokamak Physics Activity
A. Litnovsky, V.S. Voitsenya, R. Reichle, M. Walsh, A. Razdobarin, A. Dmitriev, N. Babinov, L. Marot, L. Moser, R. Yan, M. Rubel, A. Widdowson, S. Moon, S.G. Oh, Y. An, P. Shigin, I. Orlov-skiy, K.Yu. Vukolov, E. Andreenko, A. Krimmer, V. Kotov, Ph. Mertens, Specialists Working Group on First Mirrors of the ITPA Topical Group on Diagnostics
Nucl. Fusion, 59, (2019), 066029, pdf.
Overview of the JET preparation for deuterium tritium operation with the ITER like-wall
E. Joffrin, .... L. Marot, L. Moser.....
Nucl. Fusion, 59, (2019), 112021, pdf.
Plasma-assisted catalytic formation of ammonia in N2-H2 plasma on a tungsten surface
M. Ben Yaala, A. Saeedi, D.-F. Scherrer, L. Moser, R. Steiner, M. Zutter, M. Oberkofler, G. De Temmerman, L. Marot, E. Meyer
Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys, 21, (2019), 16623–16633, pdf.

Latest Talks (show all)

Confined states in self-assembled (OH)2-pyrene porous networks on Ag(111)
P. DAstolfo , R. Pawlak, C. Drechsel, Th. Glatzel, S. Decurtins, S.X. Liu, and E. Meyer
DPG Frühjahrstagung 2019, 2019-04-01, Regensburg, (Germany), Abstract (PDF).
Adsorption of atomic Fe-clusters on superconducting Pb
C. Drechsel , R. Pawlak, P. D’Astolfo, and E. Meyer
DPG 2019, 2019-04-04, Regensburg, (Germany), Abstract (PDF).
Decoupling of graphene by KBr intercalation on Cu(111)
Th. Glatzel M. Schulzendorf, A. Hinaut, M. Kisiel, R. Jöhr, R. Pawlak, P. Restuccia, E. Meyer, M.C. Righi, and
22nd International Conference on Non-contact Atomic Force Microscopy, 2019-07-30, Regensburg, (Germany), Abstract (PDF).
Dye Molecules Studied by Scanning Probe Microscopy
Th. Glatzel R. Jöhr, S. Freund, T. Meier, A. Hinaut, R. Pawlak, A. Sadeghi, S. Goedecker, S. Decurtins, S.-X. Liu, E. Constable, C. Housecroft, E. Meyer, and
ICMAB – Seminar, 2019-09-20, Barcelona, (Spain).

Latest Posters (show all)

Adsorption of atomic Fe-clusters on superconducting Pb
C. Drechsel, R. Pawlak, P. D’Astolfo, and E. Meyer
Swiss NanoConvention 2019, 2019-06-06, Lausanne, (Switzerland), Abstract (PDF).
Dye Molecules on NiO(001) Studied by Non-Contact Atomic Force Microscopy
Th. Glatzel S. Freund, A. Hinaut, E.C. Constable, E. Meyer , C. Housecroft, and
14th International Symposium on Functional π-Electron Systems, 2019-07-02, Berlin, (Germany), Abstract (PDF).
Tuning the work function and friction properties of KBr on Ir(111) by intercalating a monolayer of graphene
Z. Liu, A. Hinaut, T. Glatzel, S. Scherb, J.Y. Zhang, and E. Meyer
2nd International Workshop on Superlubricity at Nano and Mesoscales, 2019-10-15, Shenzhen, (China).
Two-dimensional supramolecular networks formed by intermolecular interdigitation
S. Scherb, A. Hinaut, R. Pawlak, J.G. Vilhena, Y. Liu, S. Freund, Z. Liu, X. Feng, K. Müllen, Th. Glatzel, A. Narita, and E. Meyer
Symposium Chirality @ The Nanoscale , 2019-10-14, Ascona, (Switzerland), Abstract (PDF).

Latest Theses/Reports (show all)

UHV-AFM measurments of C60 molecules on organic layer materials
S. Freund, (2014), Abstract (PDF).